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We have suffered these soul-crushing moments like possibly every job seeker - not hearing anything back or floundering an interview or even dreadful - thinking that you got the job but getting rejected or not getting the final offer at the end.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide job seekers worldwide with an economical way to know where they stand vis à vis job requirements and a way to ensure that their resume flows through Recruitment a.k.a. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software as well as stand out in front of hiring managers/recruiters and thereby increase their chances of getting hired. 


We are building a Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning platform to ensure that cosmetic issues do not prevent a candidate from being able to put their profile in front of a recruiter. In addition to that, we are building an ecosystem to help users to strategize and actionize their career progress for future success

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Our Resume Rating algorithm & Targeted Resume Scan algorithm are powerful machine learning toolsets that do a syntactical and semantical analysis of your resume (including Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Explicit Semantic Analysis, and Word Sense Disambiguation) – either in a standalone mode or compare it with the target job you are aiming for respectively and then scores your resume on key criteria hiring managers/ recruiters look for. This is then used to provide actionable steps to overhaul your resume and ensure they flow through Applicant Tracking Systems and boost your chances of landing an interview.


& Breadth

We are building an arsenal of SaaS tools that will give users all they need to be successful in the modern-day workplace - a one-stop solution to make career progress based on one's career aspirations, strengths and competencies!

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We will help your personal brand to succeed in the job market


We will help you craft the story of your career and job progress


We will help you design your career growth strategy and equip you with the right tool to flourish


We will connect you with the best career consultants in the market to ensure you have the right advisors for success

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"The smartest resume optimizer
in the market"

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